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A New Partnership in Northumberland

In WISE Academies by Gary Robinson

Prudhoe West First School is currently consulting with stakeholders regarding the proposal to convert to academy status as part of WISE Academies. If this does go ahead as proposed, Prudhoe West will then become the second WISE Academies setting in the Prudhoe area following the successful integration of Adderlane Academy into our Trust in December 2016.

You can find out more about the benefits of Prudhoe West and WISE Academies working together here

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Leading from the front

In WISE Academies by fruJ3xgFDE

WISE Academies is pleased to report that the Chair of our Trust, Bob Symonds, has been approved as a National Leader of Governance (NLG).

NLGs are highly effective chairs of governors who support governors in other schools.

Schools can contact an NLG if they want to improve the leadership and performance of their governing body.

There are strict eligibility criteria that applicants must meet in order to be accredited as an NLG.  Candidates must be an experienced chair of governors with:

  • excellent leadership skills
  • a track record of raising school or academy performance in at least one school
  • the skills to influence improvement by supporting or challenging Headteachers, or principals
  • a track record of implementing and sustaining effective governance in at least one school

In support of his NLG application, Bob was able to demonstrate his strong track record for driving school improvement, evidenced by pupil performance data.  He was also able to draw upon his experience of relationship management within and beyond the school setting.  Bob has been one of the leading exponents of establishing effective governance within WISE Academies.

Bob Symonds commented that “it is a hugely positive reflection upon WISE Academies that I was successful in meeting the requirements of an NLG.  This is a testament to the consistently strong levels of pupil performance and progress that we have seen within our Trust and the improvement that we have seen over the last 3 years”.

Zoe Carr, CEO of WISE Academies, congratulated Bob on achieving this standard.  Mrs Carr is confident that Bob will make a valuable contribution to raising standards of governance in the North East, and that he will be able to use his coaching and mentoring skills to great effect.

Bob Symonds can be contacted via

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Sunderland primary’s progress wins praise from Schools Minister

In Hasting Hill Academy, WISE Academies by fruJ3xgFDE

Youngsters at a Wearside school are celebrating being given the thumbs up from the Schools Minister.

Nick Gibbs MP, Minister of State for Schools, has written to Hasting Hill Academy to praise staff and students their progress.

The Tilbury Road primary is among one of the country’s top schools for the progress is has made.

Jane Walton, headteacher at the school, said everyone is excited and delighted with the recognition.

She said: “We were thrilled to receive this letter, acknowledging all the hard work and brilliant achievements by our children.

“Louise Saunders, the school’s headteacher up until last summer, has expressed her absolute delight that the school’s achievements have been recognised in this way.

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“Being part of Wise Academies has certainly had a huge impact on standards. We intend to build upon last year’s fantastic outcomes and continue to move the school forward.”

You can read the full article on the Sunderland Echo website here.

You can read the letter of acknowledgement here

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Sunderland schools say becoming academies has paid off

In WISE Academies by fruJ3xgFDE

Taking the risk to convert to academy status has paid off for primary schools in Sunderland.

Four years ago Town End Primary School and nearby Bexhill Primary School came together to form the WISE Academies Trust.

Although working together the two schools, Town End Academy and Bexhill Academy, have kept their own identities.

WISE, which stands for We Inspire Success and Excellence, then took on two struggling schools, Hasting Hill Primary School in Sunderland and Welbeck in Newcastle, and say they have had huge success.

Zoe Carr, the chief executive officer of WISE Academies, said the improvements at Hasting Hill Academy have been amazing.

You can read the full article on the Sunderland Echo website here.

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Struggling Sunderland academy turns round fortunes, say inspectors

In Hasting Hill Academy, WISE Academies by fruJ3xgFDE

EDUCATION bosses have praised a city academy which has turned around its fortunes.

Hasting Hill Academy has been rated as good in all areas during a recent visit by Ofsted inspectors.

Just three years ago the Tilbury Road school was placed in special measures, but is now good in every aspect.

The former Hastings Hill Primary School was officially opened as Hastings Hill Academy by former Sunderland skipper Kevin Ball last year.

In a bid to improve the school, Hastings Hill became part of the We Inspire Success and Excellence, Academies Trust (Wise), which also includes Bexhill Academy and Town End Academy, and the move has proved successful.

You can read the full article on the Sunderland Echo website here

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June 2013 School Review – letter to pupils

In Welbeck Academy by fruJ3xgFDE

On 12th and 13th June 2013 a team of consultants were invited into school to give an external opinion about the quality of education that was been provided. The team were very pleased with everything that they saw and sent the following letter to the children:


Dear Pupils

You might remember a few weeks ago three visitors came to your academy to see you in lessons and to find out how well you are learning; we were those visitors.

We wanted to write to you and say thank you for being so kind to us and to say how very much we enjoyed our visit partly because we very much enjoyed talking with you.

We thought it would be nice to let you know what we found out about your academy. We found:

– Mrs Taylor, Mrs Dobson and other adults in the academy have worked so hard to make your academy one of the best places to be at to learn, because your lessons are usually very interesting and enjoyable

– you are working hard in your lessons and many of you are now making the best progress you have ever made at the academy

– Mrs Taylor and Mrs Dobson want you to do even better with your mathematics learning and so are working hard with all the other adults to make this happen. You can help them by practising all the skills you learn in mathematics, especially in your work on shape and space and your times tables

– the behaviour of so many of you is at least good and often for some of you it is the best you can get

– you said you feel very safe at Welbeck Academy and that hardly anyone would try and bully or be mean to you and if they did, adults would sort it out quickly for you

– so many of you always make sure you get to the academy on time each morning because you know being at Welbeck will really help you learn and have fun. Some pupils do not always come to the academy each day and they miss out on so many lovely things. If you know someone like that please tell them how important it is to come to the academy each day and what they are missing.

We all feel you have done so well at Welbeck and we see why you are all so proud of your academy. Like all the adults at the academy we are very proud to have met you.

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We are sending our very best wishes to you all and hope that you have a lovely, safe summer holiday.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Bailey, Mrs Hughes and Mr Wilson

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Sunderland primary school’s turnaround after becoming academy

In Hasting Hill Academy by fruJ3xgFDE

A SCHOOL is turning its fortunes around after becoming an academy. Hasting Hill Primary School was placed in special measures two years ago, but is now enjoying a much brighter future.

The school has been given a good report following a monitoring visit by Ofsted inspectors.  In a bid to improve the school, Hastings Hill became part of the We Inspire Success and Excellence, Academies Trust (Wise), which also includes Bexhill Academy and Town End Academy.

Following their latest visit to the Tilbury Road school, inspectors said: “Standards are rising and the pace of improvement is quickening.

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A SUNDERLAND primary school is helping raise standards of teaching across the UK after it was chosen for a specialist role

In Town End Academy by fruJ3xgFDE

Town End Academy is the only Sunderland school, and one of just 100 nationally, to be granted teaching status.

The accolade means the Borodin Avenue primary will spearhead the training and development of teachers in classrooms across the city, providing help and support to all schools.

Click here for the full report