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Another Good Outcome!

In Town End Academy by Gary Robinson

WISE Academies is delighted to announce that Town End Academy achieved a Good outcome in its Ofsted inspection that took place on 22nd/23rd January 2020.

It is a particularly pleasing to note that the academy was judged to be outstanding in the area of Personal Development for children.   This is a proud achievement for the academy and inspectors will base this on factors such as

  • The range, quality and take-up of extra-curricular activities offered;
  • How curriculum subjects like citizenship, RE, and other areas such as personal, social, health and economic education, and relationship and sex education, contribute to pupils’ personal development;
  • How well leaders promote British values through the curriculum, assemblies, wider opportunities, visits, discussions and literature;
  • How well leaders develop pupils’ character through the education that they provide

Inspectors observed that “this is a happy place to learn and work”. They also stated that “the well-being of pupils and adults is highly important to leaders.  Pupils behave well.  Their wide smiles and and good attendance show how much they enjoy school.  Kind, caring staff take pleasure in their work”.

Well done to Nichola Fullard and her team for this well deserved outcome.

You can read the Ofsted Report about Town End Academy HERE


In Bexhill Academy, Hasting Hill Academy, Town End Academy by Gary Robinson

The Trustees of WISE Academies are consulting on their proposed Admissions criteria in respect of Bexhill Academy, Hasting Hill Academy and Town End Academy.  The purpose of the consultation is to determine the arrangements for entry in September 2021.

One of the main changes proposed is to add a further criteria for reception admissions which gives higher priority to those children who had attended the Academy’s Nursery class during the preceding academic year.

Please see the full admissions criteria, for other priorities.

The revised policy reflects the requirements of the Admission Code 2014.

Following consultation the Board of Trustees will take account any responses received before determining final admission arrangements.  The final policy will be published on our website as required by the School Admissions Code.

Any comments must be sent to by no later than 31st January 2020

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Success at Adderlane Academy!

In Adderlane Academy by Gary Robinson

Adderlane Academy in Prudhoe, Northumberland received its first Ofsted inspection on 22nd and 23rd October 2019.   The inspection confirmed that Adderlane Academy is a GOOD SCHOOL!

Everyone at WISE Academies was genuinely delighted to read the Ofsted report that has recently been released.

Adderlane Academy opened in December 2016 when it became part of WISE Academies.

The successful outcome of the Ofsted inspection is a reflection of the strong team ethos, dedication and hard work from the Adderlane staff together with highly effective and enthusiastic leadership from Emma Potts, Headteacher (pictured) and the Local Governing Body.

Congratulations to everyone at Adderlane Academy. The Ofsted report is confirmation of the positive approach, hard work and commitment of the whole Adderlane team to high quality provision for the community it serves.

WISE Academies is so proud that Adderlane Academy is part of our organisation.

You can read the full report HERE


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Procurement News

In WISE Academies by Gary Robinson

Wise Academies are currently looking to set up a framework of suppliers to provide building repairs and maintenance services across it’s 12 schools.  Services include plumbing, electrical, building, roofing, grounds maintenance, painting and decorating.

Any contractors interested in being considered for this opportunity should read and complete the document which can be found here.

Suppliers added to the list will be expected to comply fully with the WISE Academies Code of Conduct for Contractors.


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Building Success at Haltwhistle

In Haltwhistle, WISE Academies by Gary Robinson

Following a successful re-organisation over the summer, our Haltwhistle Primary Academy is now fully operational under the leadership of Mrs Drake.

The re-organisation of our Haltwhistle provision took effect from 1st September 2019.  The Middle Academy has now been discontinued and Haltwhistle First Academy became Haltwhistle Primary Academy offering provision to children aged 3-11.

The careful planning over the past year has meant that the changes have been successfully implemented.

As we move forward into a new academic year, WISE Academies is delighted to announce that tremendous progress has been made with the plans for Haltwhistle which will see major capital improvement to the infrastructure on the site.

Officers and Trustees of WISE Academies have been working with local Councillors and with Council officers to secure much needed investment in the Haltwhistle provision.   Work has been ongoing since our earlier announcement and we are now delighted to confirm that, including a contribution from WISE Academies, the total sum available for capital improvements of £2.65 million has been approved by Northumberland County Council at its meeting in September.   This level of investment is significantly higher than originally proposed when the Haltwhistle academies became part of our Trust in 2018.

This is a great outcome for Haltwhistle and is testament to the collaborative working that has taken place between WISE Academies and the Local Authority.  The scheme will deliver high quality facilities for the young people and the community of Haltwhistle.

Plans for the remodelled building are well advanced and we will soon be in a position to share further details of this exciting development with parents and the wider community once these become fully developed.

As this project comes to fruition over the coming months, WISE Academies looks forward to working with our partners in Northumberland County Council to create primary school facilities that everyone in Haltwhistle can be proud of.  We will share further updates in due course.

WISE Academies would like to thank the parents and community for their continued support for Haltwhistle Primary Academy.

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Proposal to Become a Mixed MAT

In WISE Academies by Gary Robinson

WISE Academies is proposing to become a Mixed Multi Academy Trust.  This will open up new possibilities for WISE Academies as it will make it possible for Church of England schools to join our successful Trust.


Part of the process of making a significant change such as this, involves carrying out a consultation exercise with all interested parties.


The consultation will run from Friday 24th May 2019 until Friday 28th June 2019.  You can find our consultation booklet here.  This provides further information regarding the proposal along with details of how interested parties can contribute to the consultation process.


If you would like to comment please contact us at




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“Multi-Academy Trusts are powerful vehicles for improving schools”

In WISE Academies by Gary Robinson

The Secretary of State, Damian Hinds, spoke at the Schools and Academies Show in London on 3rd April 2019.  He expressed his enthusiasm about the work being done in the sector and particularly singled out WISE Academies for the progress made in schools that have joined the trust.  WISE Academies was proud to have been mentioned in this speech.

An extract from the Secretary of State’s speech is set out below: –

“I firmly believe that becoming an academy can bring enormous benefits to schools and their pupils.

And that’s often about coming together as a trust. Multi-Academy Trusts are powerful vehicles for improving schools – by sharing expertise, working collaboratively, driving improvements. This is something we want to see more of, because it repeatedly shows that it can improve outcomes for pupils.

Take the WISE Academies in the North East, which has taken on nine sponsored academies since 2012, all of which had serious performance concerns. Since then every single school inspected has been judged as good or outstanding by Ofsted.”


The full speech can be found here


Commencement of Listening Period for Haltwhistle Re-organisation

In Haltwhistle by Gary Robinson

Following last term’s consultation period which ended on 3rd December 2018, WISE Academies has received initial approval from the Secretary of State for the closure of Haltwhistle Middle Academy and to extend the age range of Haltwhistle First Academy. Approval was received on 11th March 2019 for practical changes to be made to the Haltwhistle provision with effect from 1st September 2019.

WISE Academies has now commenced a listening period which will give parents and other stakeholders an opportunity to raise questions and seek clarification of how the change will be implemented.

The listening period booklet outlines the next stages in the process and provides additional information about the plans for change at Haltwhistle.  Comments and questions can be submitted to; or sent to WISE Academies Head Office, Consultations, Borodin Avenue, Sunderland SR5 4NX.

The closing date for these comments to be received is Friday 17th May 2019.


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Investment in Haltwhistle

In Haltwhistle by Gary Robinson

As previously announced, following a consultation with parents, staff and the community approval is being sought from the Department for Education to make significant changes to school organisation on the Haltwhistle site with effect from September 2019.

A fundamental part of this re-organisation is the need to address accommodation requirements for the primary academy on the site.  WISE Academies has been working closely with Northumberland County Council to identify the best way to deliver this provision and we are pleased to make an announcement of significant investment in education at Haltwhistle.

Zoe Carr, CEO of WISE Academies is pictured alongside Mrs Drake (Headteacher at Haltwhistle Academies) Guy Opperman M.P. and Cllr Ian Hutchinson at Haltwhistle.   Mrs Carr said “Feedback from meetings with parents and the community make it clear that they share WISE Academies’ aim of developing high quality facilities and would like to see meaningful investment in education at Haltwhistle.  WISE Academies and Northumberland County Council have listened carefully to the views that have been expressed and, as a result, we are delighted to announce that it has been possible to secure a sum of over £2.5 million to deliver this project.

I am pleased to report that our application to make the significant changes at Haltwhistle was received positively by the Regional Schools Commissioner and her Headteacher Board who have recommended approval to Ministers. We expect to hear from the Department for Education with Secretary of State approval in the next few days.

Upon this approval, we will be conducting what is called a listening period to enable staff and other stakeholders to raise questions and make suggestions about how this transition is managed.”

This investment is a result of close partnership working between WISE Academies and Northumberland County Council who both share high aspirations for our Haltwhistle setting.   WISE Academies will continue to work with the Local Authority in making this this transition.  More detailed information will be communicated to parents, staff and community as part of the next steps in the coming weeks.




In Haltwhistle by Gary Robinson

WISE Academies would like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to our recent consultation around the future of school organisation in Haltwhistle. Responses were returned by post, by e-mail and through an on-line consultation form that was provided.

Most of the responses that we received were from parents/carers but, being a public consultation we also received responses from other members of the public, other schools, staff, the Diocese of Newcastle, Haltwhistle Town Council and Northumberland County Council.

The feedback received was most helpful and all comments made by respondents were considered by the Trustees of WISE Academies at their meeting on 13th December 2018.

Two options were set out in the consultation document. These were:-

Option 1 – No change (retain existing First and Middle Academies)

Option 2 – Discontinue the Middle Academy and extend the age range of the First Academy to offer primary provision on the Haltwhistle site.

Taking account of all responses received from all parties, over 70% of respondents expressed a preference for option 2.

The Trustees particularly recognise the importance of taking parental views into account in any consultation exercise and it is notable that a sizeable majority of parents who responded to the consultation exercise preferred option 2. This is highly significant, as parents recognise the opportunity that exists to create a sustainable primary setting to serve the community.

Based on the response to the consultation the Trustees of WISE Academies have therefore agreed to move forward with option 2 and will make an application to the Department for Education to close Haltwhistle Middle Academy alongside an application to extend the age range of Haltwhistle First Academy. Subject to Secretary of State approval the practical effects of this will begin from September 2019.

Fortunately, unpleasant effects were gone after 3 days of taking the drug. If a doctor prescribes anybody a drug to treat herpes or papillomavirus, it is better to take

WISE Academies representatives will now be working with both academies, the Local Authority and other providers of education in the area to prepare a clear transition plan. Parents and carers can therefore expect to receive detailed information in the spring term about the next steps in preparing for this change.

In the interim, leaders of WISE Academies will also be working closely with the Local Authority and Department for Education to seek the maximum possible investment in the site, as we share parents’ aspiration for high quality facilities to be provided for the Haltwhistle community.